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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

How to Edit your Command Prompt

Hacking Command is to change the visuals of CMD, you can write your own name inplace of Microsoft Corp. So am gonna tell you how can you change your visuals and color of you own command. This is very easy trick and if you watch video carefully then you'll be able to to so.

I also have a channel on Youtube and you can look for it on Youtube: -

Follow some easy steps to make changes in your CMD

1) Download Resource Hacker
2) Now Watch this video
!!!Watch It in HD!!!

3) After watching this video save it as with anything.exe.
4) Go To run and write the name and see, you just changed Microsoft with yourname.



Monday, 27 June 2011

How to Remotely Shutdown Computer

Remotely Shutdown Computer is a very old trick to Shutdown other Computers in you network. This will shutdown any Computer you want with the help of CMD and IP address. IP address or Hostname any of this will help you to Shutdown any System........

So you just follow some easy steps and you'll be able to shutdown any system you want!!!

1) Open you CMD. 
2)  Now Type Shutdown -i and hit enter, then you will see a new windows appear as showing below.

3) Then Click on add and type IP address and click ok then write a Comment if you want and Hit ok.....

4) Now his/her computer will automatically Shutdown.


Sunday, 26 June 2011

How to Hack Your Calculator

Here is an amazing hack to customize your own system calculator. You can Customize your calculator to change its look and also you can change the places of buttons of cal. The hack is only available on this blog, there is nowhere you can find this type of article or blog to customize system calculator........

You just have to follow some easy steps and you'll be able to customize you Calc.

1) Download a tool Resource Hacker

2) After watching this video just save the customized file with anything.exe in windows or System32 folder (Its your choice)
3) Click on Start -> Run and write your file( that you just saved as .exe ) name and Hit enter.
4) And see you Customized Calculator.......... Subscribe me for more videos like that


Hacked PizzaHut Website

I just hacked Pizza Hut Website, and it is because of you all people............ Thank You All.......
I am gonna upload video to show you all how I did it!!!!!!

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How to Increase Surfing Speed in Mozilla Firefox

Yeah that right, Mozilla is the best browser ever and also it is used by more than half of the population of the world, but all people don't have great surfing speed, so to increase the surfing speed there is a hack.

I am gonna teach you to hack the Mozilla so that you can surf faster and better........

Just follow some easy steps and you will be able to do so.

1) Open a new tab in Mozilla Firefox and type about:config and click on I'll be carefull.

2) Now we are after these three files which are highlighted with yellow color.
3) network.http.pipelining | network.http.pipeline.maxrequests | network.http.proxy.pipelining
4) Now you just have to double click on the first file which has False value to change it to True Value.
5) Second file, change its value to 50.
6) Third file, Change it to true, by double clicking on it!



How to Watch StarWars in Command Prompt

This is a great hack of CMD, you just have to know a simple Telnet command to do this. I am gonna show you how exectly it workes on any system with any operating system. You just have to follow some easy steps and you will be able to watch StarWars in CMD.

I also have a Channel on YouTube, Subscribe Me by clicking on the below Link

Follow The Steps to watch StarWars on your CMD: -

1) Just open your CMD and write Telnet.
 In case Telnet is not  enabled: - Control Panel -> Uninstall a programme -> Turn windows features on and off -> enable Telnel Client
 !!!Watch It on YouTube!!!

2) Now Write O and hit enter. (o not zero)
3) Now write and hit enter.......... ehaa!!!


How to Edit Welcome Screen and Start Button

Hacking your system means to hack some certain files to make your system very cool and attractive. These tricks can be done very easily. Most of people wants to make their laptops and computers look good and spend a lot of money on them, but inside the system look same as other. So hacking means don't spend money on whatever you are doing. I am gonna quickly teach you to change the computer Visuals by using a Simple tool.

1) Changing the Welcome Screen "Welcome" text: - Here am gonna teach you how to edit the "Welcome" text in welcome screen. so whenever you turn on you system it will show whatever message you want it to show.

(a) Download a Tool Resource Hacker
(b) Click on file and Open (CTRL+O), change Look In to System32 and then search for Logonui.exe file, open it
(c) Double click on String Table, now double clik on 1 and click on 1033
(d) Look at 7th line and change whatever you want to write inspace of "Welcome"
(e) Now compile Script and Save as anything.exe (like - Logonui2.exe) in the same folder.
(f) Now Click on Start -> Run -> regedit.exe -> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> Software -> Microsoft -> Windows NT -> CurrentVersion -> Winlogon
(g) Now just find the file UIHOST and double click on it, change the file name and press OK.
(h) Restart your system and see!!!!!!!

NOTE: - To change the Text to "Welcome"change name from registry editor to logoui.exe

2) Changing the Start button Text: - Here am gonna teach you how to edit the Start button with your name or anything you want to write inspace of Start.

(a) Open resource hacker and change Look In to Windows.
(b) Search file explorer.exe and go to String -> 37 -> 1033 and change it anything.
(c) Now Compile it and Saveas anything.exe (like - explorer.exe) in the same folder.
(d) Now Click on Start -> Run -> regedit.exe -> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> Software -> Microsoft -> Windows NT -> CurrentVersion -> Winlogon
(e) Look at Shell, double click on it and change the file name to and press OK.
(f) Logoff your System and see........

NOTE: - To change the start button to "Start", Change name from registry editor to explorer.exe


How to Install Torrent files without any Client

This is big problems for students as well as for people who spend there time in offices and to spend their free time they wanna play games or to download other utilities from torrent, coz it can be stopped. Most of the people prefer to download utilities or games from torrent coz it is with full version and also its free, Students also wanna download games in school coz they got speed. But in most off the places they blocked .tor files extension and as well as torrent clients.
To overcome from this problem am gonna show you "how to Install Torrent files without any Torrent Client".

Shop Now -

You just need to follow some easy steps and you will be able to download games and anything from anywhere!

1) Go To the website
2) In New tab open

!!!Watch It On YouTube!!!

3) After that Search for any game or software you want to download and "copy the Link Location" as showing in the video.
4) Paste it in the torrent2exe and click on Small or Normal and hit Start......
5) Now the client is downloaded and go to your browser downloads and double click the new client and the downloading will be started....
6) And now one can able to find what you are doing..

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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Basic Tips & Tricks

Basic Tips and Tricks will help you to take revenge from you enemies and also if you wanna show someone real talent....
The Tips & Tricks will perform using Notepad, Registry Editor and CMD.

1) ShutDown Prank: - Just follow the steps and you will be able to shutdown anyone's PC after conveying him a little message......

(a) Right click on your desktop, go into New and click on shortcut 
(b) Now write Shutdown -s -t 10 -c "HackerZ World!!!" and click next.
     NOTE: - Shutdown -r(restart) -t(Time) 10(Seconds) -c(Comment) "..............."          
(c) Now click next and name it like "Facebook password generator" and send it to anyone, and when he open the file, his/her system will Shutdown after 10 seconds and on the screen it will show HackerZ World.

2) Notepad Tricks (Hacking keyboard): - This is a very cool trick, This trick will hack any system's keyboard until it restarts...

(a) Open notepad and save it as anything.bat 
(b) Now write the following code: -
            Set wshShell = wscript.CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”) 
            wscript.sleep 100 
            wshshell.sendkeys “You are a fool.” 

(c) You can change the text from the code in space of "You are a fool".

(d) Thats it! Now send it to anyone and after thet when he open it up, this code will let him write "You are a fool" till he reboot.

(3) Notepad Trick (Popout CD-ROM) : - This code will popout the CD-ROM of any system

(a) Open your Notepad and save it as anything.Vbs

    Set oWMP = CreateObject(“WMPlayer.OCX.7?)
    Set colCDROMs = oWMP.cdromCollection
    if colCDROMs.Count >= 1 then
    For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count – 1
    For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count – 1
    End If
    wscript.sleep 5000

(b) Send it to anyone and his/her CD-ROM will automatically popin popout till he reboot....s...

(4) Notepad Trick (Test Your antivirus): - This code is to test your Antivirus, whether it is working or not.
(a) Open Notepad and write in it the following code: -


(b) Save it as anything.exe, if antivirus deletes the file then it is working and if not!, then you know what to do with it!!!!!!

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How to Remove Virus from USB using CMD

Do you guys don't want to install a Antivirus Software coz it slower down your PC speed?? Or you don't beleive on Antivirus Softwares coz it comes in free trial and after that you have to buy them and again you don't want to spend money on Computer stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, if that is a problem then you are in a right person on a right place. You just have to implement some easy steps with an video to help you with "Removing Virus from USB Without Any Software"

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1) Attach your USB drive in your PC.

2) Open the USB drive and see there willbe some Autorun.inf or something else.
3) Now, just check put the LOCAL DISK of your USB like: - I or H or C or A
4) Open your Task Manager (Alt+ctrl+del) and go to processes tab.
5) End Process the Explorer.exe
6) Now, you see your desktopis gone, click on "Processes tab" and then go to "New task" and write "CMD".
7) Write in CMD del G:\autorun.inf and hit enter (G: can be different on other PC's)

8) Now EXIT the cmd.
9) Now again click on New Task and write Explorer.exe in the popup window.
10) You see your desktop is here and now check out the USB, there will be no "Autorun.inf".
11) You are DONE!!!!!!! now you don't need to install any antivirus to remove a bloody virus.



How to Surf Blocked Websites

The most common question from every student is "How to Surf Blocked Websites", In school, teachers restrict us to Surf Social networking sites, but they can't do this to us...
So I have a cure and it will work on any platform or Operating System.....

I also have a YouTube Channel, Subscribe Me

Just follow some easy step and you will be able to do it!!!!!!!!

   (Watch It on Youtube in HD by clicking on it)

After Watching this video you'll be able to Surf any website you want..........

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Friday, 3 June 2011

Easy to Implement Hacking Tips

Hey guys, 
Welcome to "HackerZ World" actually its not exactly Hacking Article but also a tutorialistic blog. It's my first blog and I hope that you will like it!!

For me hacking is not a Crime but its just a way to learn, coz you can't learn without implementing it practically, That is taught by our seniors.

I am just an ordinary boy, who is having a little interest in Hacking actually in computers, so am writing this blog to share my knowledge with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am going to teach you about the most exiting and usefull and also attractive hack that you can use to impress your buddies.

I also have a channel on Youtube and you can look for it on Youtube: -

I have'nt uploaded so much on Youtube, but am working on it. So,lets start it!!!!!

You can go through for my Other pages.

I prefer you to read by all articles to gain as much knowledge as you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want to hack Mobile Phones and send them messages for free or you want to hack E-mail Accounts.
Yeah thats right E-mail Hacking, most of you assuming that E-Mail hacking cannot be done without paying money, but acctually it not expensive as that. Most of people don't like to pay money on this stuff like me, but they also want to do those things that involves money, like installing free apps for Iphones and Androids and to crack E-mail password online!!!!

But now you don't need to search so much to hack anything, it does't matter which account you are hacking but i prefer you to don't do this in a distructive manner!!!!!!

Am gonna show you how to hack an E-mail account, It has been uploaded on my Blog. Enjoy Hacking