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Thursday, 24 January 2013

How to Automatically Save Passwords in Browser

Hi Guys,
I'm back after a long time, as I wasn't busy in studies but in my ps3.  Automatically Save Passwords in Browser is a great game you can play with your friends and enemies. The thing you need is uploading in free file sharing website and here, Its done!!! 

When you enter emails and passwords in a browser it prompts to 'Remember it', 'Ask me later' and 'Don't save', but after using this trick you will see it will automatically save all the passwords and the users don't even know what is going on, So lets start!!!

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Things you Need: - 

1) Mozilla Firefox 4 and auto-save cracked file.
2) Download both files from Here

Implementation: - 

1) Download and Install Firefox 4 from the Link.
2) Install it anywhere in your computer.
3) Now copy the file at the place where the Firefox 4 is installed.
4) It will ask for copy and replace, do it!
5) You are done and test it! 
6) You can check your saved password by clicking on the top left corner -> Options -> Security Tab -> Saved Passwords.

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